Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life is carzy!

SO its been far too long since I last posted and I have no excuse other then my lack of TIME! So I am making time. So let me catch you all up.
I have been working still at Victoria's secret. I enjoy my job (most days.) Nothing overly exciting going on there. I get to deal with the usual wanting to kill the customers for messing up the panties that I JUST folded and they watched you do it. Yeah that is why I am glad that I work mostly in the beauty section of the store where most people don't get mad at you for not having the right color bra and you don't get mad at them for messing things up. Isn't life grand?
But well I finally went on a date! Amazing I know. The first one was awkward. I think mostly because it had been so long since I had been on a date. It just felt weird. That and I swear Utah dating has a different feel to it. In the words of the movie singles ward "You are automatically being evaluated for time and eternity!" Ahh isn't dating so fun!?! NOT! Well alright anyways it was a little odd as well because the guy looked like a guy that I knew and he kind of creeped me out. But hey it made it a little more interesting right?
Well then on Sunday I had another date with another guy. Well things worked out and now I am dating him. He is a great guy and treats me like a princess. He is sweet, thoughtful, amazing. We will go to the temple together every once in a while, he cooks me dinner, and just enjoy one anothers company.
Well I am also excited because it is now official. We have some where to sit, I went and bought a futon and Kyle was here to make me dinner and helped me put it together. He is amazing. I think Diana is more excited about the futon then I am because now she has a place to sit and watch movies or play on her computer.
Well there you have it a quick up date on my life...
As for Diana, well she has been working. No dating yet but hey that is what I am here for right? Oh the plotting begins.