Saturday, August 28, 2010

our life is a roller coaster of joys and sorrows.

Well lets give you a quick update.... "no to much let me sum up". Monday was my birthday oh yeah I think I had a nervous break down or something about turning 25. I mean now I understand when Kyle kept telling me that its not that big a deal but sunday night I seriously cried myself to sleep. I worked all day (but sneaky me refused to tell anyone it was my birthday.) I was still in distress after all.
Oh monday the day of joys..... NOT. On monday I had called to make an apointment for a new doctor, just for a check up and to start getting my birth control through him. Well turns out in order to get birthcontrol through him I have to get a pap smear. NOOOOOOOOOOO! So I started freaking out about that. (Oh just wait it gets better.)
Then on my break I called my sister Nichole to complain about the pap smear (I have never had one so it scared me.) Well just to find out that my Grandpa was not doing well, that the doctors didn't expect him to make it through the night. Oh the Joy. (Told you it got better.)
Well turned out that my Grandpa has still alive, not doing very well and still could go at any moment but holding in there.
Yesterday Kyle for a birthday present let me go get a pedicure. Oh it was delightful. I didn't want to stop them massaging my feet. We went to Apple bee's for lunch the other day, I was upset because we waited for like 45 minutes just for our food to be brought out. Well I complained and now we get free food. Oh the joys! And today we are going to the aquarium. I think it will be a blast!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekly win

Well this week was my first week back to work, it was a little rough but over all it was good. Monday was the worst, my ankle was killing me. But now its good for the most part. From time to time it hurts mostly when I am driving. Its the angle I have to put it.
My car was in the shop getting fixed because it kept over heating, well $1700 later it got fixed. It works so much better now. I still stress that the car is going to over heat but I think that is just me stressing.
Kyle and I went to the movie theaters today and saw the "other guys." Not the bet movie. I laughed all the way through the movie but there are so many sexual innuendo's and to much swearing. Its funny but it would be so much better with out the other stuff.