Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Question at ease....

Well life is crazy but i still tend to find little moments away from the crazy just to be with my thoughts. Its amazing what little moments will do to help you understand things and heal on a personal level. This last month has been anything but easy dealing with inner demons and really questioning Heavenly Fathers motives. Why does something good happen to someone and not to me? When I pray about things the answer is no but why is it yes for others. But thankfully right now I am at peace. I am comfortable were I am at. Life is not that exciting but that is okay, because I have my loving husband who loves me even when my hormones get the best of me and I start crying for no reason. At least we can find something to laugh about everyday. Because he really is my best friend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So there was a young girl that worked at LDSBC that died new years eve, she was from korea and had jut gotten engaged that night. Its a sad story. But there was a poem that was on her funeral program that meant a lot to me. It made me cry. Thinking about death is probably not the best o things but it really made me think if I were to die would those I love know how much they mean to me?

When tomorrow starts without me,
 And I'm not there to see,
 If the sun should rise and find your eyes
 All filled with tears for me;

I wish so much you wouldn't cry
 The way you did today,
 While thinking of the many things,
 We didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me,
 As much as I love you,
 And each time that you think of me,
 I know you'll miss me too;

But when tomorrow starts without me,
 Please try to understand,
 That an angel came and called my name,
 And took me by the hand,

And said my place was ready,
 In heaven far above,
 And that I'd have to leave behind
 All those I dearly love.

But as I turned to walk away,
 A tear fell from my eye 
For all my life, I'd always thought, 
I didn't want to die.

I had so much to live for,
 So much left yet to do 
It almost seemed impossible
 That I was leaving you.

I thought of all the yesterdays,
 The good ones and the bad,
 I thought of all the love we shared,
 And all the fun we had.

If I could relive yesterday,
 Just even for a while, I'd say good-bye and kiss you 
And maybe see you smile.

But then I fully realized,
 That this could never be,
 For emptiness and memories,
 Would take the place of me.

And when I thought of worldly things,
 I might miss come tomorrow 
I thought of you, and when I did,
 My heart was filled with sorrow.

But when I walked through Heavens Gates, 
I felt so much at home.
 When God looked down and smiled at me,
 From His great golden throne,

He said, "This is eternity,
 And all I've promised you.
 Today your life on earth is past,
 But here life starts anew.

I promise no tomorrow,
 But today will always last,
 And since each day's the same way
 There's no longing for the past.

You have been so faithful,
 So trusting and so true.
 Though there were times you did some things
 You knew you shouldn't do.

But you have been forgiven
 And now at last you're free. 
So won't you come and take my hand
 And share my life with me?"

So when tomorrow starts without me,
 Don't think we're far apart, 
For every time you think of me, 
I'm right here, in your heart.

Copyright © David M Romano

Saturday, January 1, 2011

With the new year we are all making new year resolutions so i thought I wonder what the most popular resolutions are. Some may surprise you!
1. Spend more time with family and friends
Life gets crazy so I can understand were this one is coming from.
2. Fit in fitness
So many of us claim that we don't have time to exercise. Truth be told we don't want to have time.
3. Tame the debt.
In this world most definite.
4. Quit smoking.
In a world were over half the population smokes it doesn't surprise me that this one made the top ten.
5. Enjoy life more
This one I need to do more as well. Enjoy every moment of every day.
6. Quit drinking
No surprise there either.
7. Learn something new
8. Help others
9. Get organized
10. Loose weight
surprised this one was not #1.

As for my resaltuion its kind of a combination of a few of these. so this year i am not going to make the resolution to loose weight like I do every year, and every year I fail.... this year it is to become more healthy... meaning eating better, exercising more, and less junk food that does nothing for me!