Saturday, January 1, 2011

With the new year we are all making new year resolutions so i thought I wonder what the most popular resolutions are. Some may surprise you!
1. Spend more time with family and friends
Life gets crazy so I can understand were this one is coming from.
2. Fit in fitness
So many of us claim that we don't have time to exercise. Truth be told we don't want to have time.
3. Tame the debt.
In this world most definite.
4. Quit smoking.
In a world were over half the population smokes it doesn't surprise me that this one made the top ten.
5. Enjoy life more
This one I need to do more as well. Enjoy every moment of every day.
6. Quit drinking
No surprise there either.
7. Learn something new
8. Help others
9. Get organized
10. Loose weight
surprised this one was not #1.

As for my resaltuion its kind of a combination of a few of these. so this year i am not going to make the resolution to loose weight like I do every year, and every year I fail.... this year it is to become more healthy... meaning eating better, exercising more, and less junk food that does nothing for me!

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