Sunday, December 19, 2010

CHristmas Memories

Today at church we had the Relief Society and Priesthood together and they did a Christmas program. It was really good. It made me think what kind of things make Chrismas the magical time of year when the spirit is so prevalent? For me its reading the Christmas story, singing carols, decorating the house and being with family. But really even with that I didn't feel all that Christmasy until today. I am not sure what changed it was it hearing it all together? Or was it just the setting, what ever it was I am glad because now I can't wait for Christmas, sadly that is less than a week away. Why couldn't this of happened earlier? Now I only have a week to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.
But it also made me think of some of my favorite hol
iday memories. So I am making a list for all of you to enjoy....
1. One year Nichole (my sister) was so excited for it to be Christmas and so she decided to wake up really early that morning and open the presents... not just her presents but mine as well. I got woken up by her not long after with "Mariah, Mariah!" She then proceded to tell me everything I had gotten for Christmas. As a result Christmas was not that fun for
me that year.

2. I remember one year we woke up to find a big foot print of ash by the fireplace. That was the coolest thing a 7 year old could of hoped for. See Santa is real!
3. Every year my mom would let us paint pictures on the window. She would make these pretty winter scenes but as for me I just liked the colors. It was a ton of fun!

4. As a family tradition we would go caroling every Christmas eve. Even though I was not that happy to be out in the cold I enjoyed spending time together.

5. As we decorated the tree every year we would listen to Forgotten Carols. The music is so beautiful! The tree may not be the prettiest but it was worth it, especially w
hen we got to add our ornament from that year. (We got a new one every year.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories. There is something magical about watching the excitement in a child's face Christmas morning and helping them to believe just another year. The love, kindness, compassion and generosity that comes into peoples hearts this time of year is how I envision life will be like as we move from this life here on earth to the next with our heavenly Father. I Love you so Much MY RI AH. You are such a sweet woman and have a great heart and love for others. Patience is something I think you still need to work on like your mission president said but you are getting there.

    I know when the time is right you and Kyle will be able to meld both of your Christmas traditions and make new ones of your own so your children will have the great memories of the holiday season. Love Mommy (Jo Ellen Westergren Ziegler)