Monday, January 2, 2012

Its a new Year!

Wow I look back and wonder were last year went. It seemed to fly by so quickly. I am a little sad about how quick it went, but at the same time I look forward to the adventures this new year holds. I mean in a few short months Kyle and I will be holding a little bundle of joy of our own. It is so exciting to think that we will be parents soon.
At the beginning of each year many people make resolutions to become better people or do better at something or other. But ironically I have never given into the hype of doing this. But oddly enough I have thought of something I want to resolve to do. I am not making a resolution to loose weight, exercise every day, be more financially minded, keep the house cleaner, ect. All those things would be nice but what I have decided to do is simply look at people the way our Heavenly Father sees them. I want to see the good in people before I judge them. I want to look at someone and see them as a son or daughter of God. That is what we all are and as such they deserve to be seen that way, no matter what life has thrown at them. I do not know there life story. I do not know what has brought them to were they are in life. I need to give them the benefit of the doubt. That is what I want people to do for me so it should really start with me!