Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well Kyle is the sweetest man in the world! Valentines morning he woke me up throwing (real) rose petals all over the bed and all over me! It was so sweet and so romantic! He was so sweet. He was so happy and so just so sweet!
He then made me breakfast... my favoriate! French toast and cinnamon rolls. Ohh I love it. (definatly not diet food but heck its Valentines!)
Then we went to church... or tried. I ended up coming home early with a VERY Nauseous stomach! Kyle was sweet taking care of me. But after a little bit I felt better. He can really make me feel better. No matter what he is doing. Him just being in the room holding me makes everything seem so much better! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!
Then he made me dinner (I love having a husband who not only knows how to cook but loves doing it!) He made me chicken Alfredo. Yummy!!! Wow can you say GREAT VALENTINES! It was a wonderful day!
I have the best husband ever. I am so lucky that I found him. He loves me and I will always love him and will always think that I am the luckiest woman alive. Valentines made me think that realistically Kyle and I never would have meet. He was in Provo and I was in Salt Lake. Heavenly father had a hand in it for sure. I love you hon!

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