Saturday, October 16, 2010

Belated honeymoon

Well Kyle and I finally did it. We finally took our honeymoon, almost a year later. But that is what happens when you get married in the middle of the holidays when you can't afford to take any extra time off from work. Then not long after hours get cut, then switch jobs. I mean you go with the flow. So every month we saved a little and we finally were able to go on our belated honeymoon. Let me tell you it was worth the wait. I think it was almost better then going right when we are married. I am serious, this way we were ableto enjoy being there, and enjoy being with eachother. If we had gone we would of been too caught up on newly wed activities.
So we left early Friday morning and headed to Las Vegas. We stayed with Kyle's family that night but we were able to go see Blue Man Group, best part was that we got the tickets for free. Kyle has connections! That and when they found out it was our
honeymoon she gave us the tickets as a wedding present. So as a result we had some of the best tickets in the building.

It was amazing I really didn't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't anything like that. I was so amazed, I normally am not the biggest fan of drumsand acoustics but they made it so much fun and new and adventive. The lights, the music, the fun of it all was amazing.
The next morning we headed to California bright and early. I decided that I HATE California traffic. I flat out refused to drive while we were there. But it was awesome. We went to Disneyland! Oh how much fun. I mean I had been there once before but somehow this was so much more enjoyable. When we got our tickets they asked if we were celebrating anything special we told them it was a late honeymoon so they gave us "just married" buttons. It was kind of funny because all day people would tell us "congratulations." It was so funny. Simply because well we have been married for 11
months. But oh well. We were there for almost 10 hours and by then I was so soar and was having a hard time walking, but we still had to walk back to the hotel. B
ut while we were there we went on all the rides and enjoyed the parade. There was so much to do, so much fun and lots of people.
The whole park was decorated in halloween decor. It was beautiful. I generally am not a fan of the halloween session, mostly because it seems to be all about blood and gore. But Disneyland made it fun, cute, and enjoyable. I mean how cute is the Mickey pumpkin? I would never of thought of making a mickey pumpkin, or any of the other disney characters they made into pumpkins as well, I think my favorite was the goofy one right at the entrance.
I was so sad leaving, I wanted to go back. I missed it. i can defiantly tell why they call it the most magical place on earth. Were else can you feel like a kid even though your not? No were. I loved walking around and seeing all the little girls dressed up as there favorite princess. The little snow white's, Cinderella's, Jasmine's and Sleeping beauty. I loved it. To see to excitement in there eyes. I can't wait to one day take our kids there someday.

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