Saturday, July 3, 2010

I declare war!

So today I was fed up, I have way too many bites all over me! I look like I have chicken pox because I have so many bites! I have been dealing for the past month with stupid bed bugs. I put up with them long enough. At first we were not sure what they were. Then we looked them up on the web (after we caught a few of them.) At first we were thinking that they were flees but alas no, we do have bed bugs. But we also had flees from the stupid dog down stairs. The combination of the two is not fair and not fun.
The fact that they were only biting me and not Kyle, not fair. Stinker! We threw out the box spring in hopes that we were getting rid of them.... sadly not. We think they were venturing up from another apartment. Because the most common ways of getting bed bugs is from traveling (haven't been any were since our wedding), other apartments (ding ding ding), or rarely from clinging to clothes. I even tried steaming everything, didn't work.
So today war began. I used indoor pesticide all over our furniture (not the mattress) and all the corners, cracks, etc. Then Kyle and I put tape all the way around our mattress... Ha get that stupid bugs. now if you try to get me, you will either die, or get stuck, tortured and then die! (*Starts laughing in an evil voice*)
I am hoping that now I will be able to sleep! Oh one can hope.

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