Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A "twist" of fait

I am horrible here I am with all this time on my hands and I have not updated my blog in forever, how sad am I? So lets see were to start? Well I started my new job. I am a janitor on temple square I work in the Church office Building (mostly on the employee floors.) I enjoy it I think mostly because I love cleaning and organizing, strangely enough I prefer it not to be my own house that I am cleaning. Well last week while I was at work I slipped on a puddle of water and twisted my ankle. As a result I have been getting paid to sit at home and do nothing. At first I thought it would be really nice but I am going crazy I feel like I have been on house arrest. My life has been either the bed or the coach. I am going crazy, I am ready to go back to work. Ahh but sadly they told me I have to have a doctors clearance before I can go to work again. I want to go NOW!
Well besides that we moved into our new apartment. I am excited though we are still dealing with boxes and deciding were to put things, we have more room. Its a 2 bedroom apartment, and the closet is big enough you could put a queen size bed in it. Awesome!
Other then that nothing new or exciting....

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