Friday, February 11, 2011

Week in review

well this past little while has been crazy. At work they have been transferring people like crazy. My crew at work use to be 30 some people.... now we are down to 12! And only 8 full timers. It is crazy, the worst part was not knowing who was being transfered and who was staying. They were pulling people one at a time, so we never knew. Everyone was nervous and all day we would think is it going to be me? Is it me? Plus to top it off almost everyone was being transfered to the evening crew the 5 p.m. to 1:30 AM shift. Talk about nasty! I feel bad though one of the guys they transfered has been married a little over a month and his wife works days so this is going to make it so they never see each other. NASTY! But we are finally all staying. It was so nerve racking. I guess I can see were they are coming from but at the same time it is hard because our crew was so close, we were like a family. And they started tearing that family apart. As a result emotions ran high.
Lets see other then that I have been shopping for baby gifts. I know 2 people that are expecting. My sister in law.... still don't know what she is having. And a girl at work, she is having a boy! Its so cute seeing the baby bumps! But I am happy for them. I was talking with Nichole not to long ago she is ready for me to have one of my own, but understands the time is not right. She wants her kids to have a niece or nephew from the Ziegler side of things and as I am the only married sibling the responsibility falls on me. LOL I don't mind the pressure, but not yet, soon but not yet.

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