Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First day on the job!

Well today was my fist day at work! It was mostly just this is this and that is that, oh and the whole this is how we talk to our customers. It was rather amusing but I swear I came home smelling like a fruit basket or something. Today was spent mostly in the beauty section. The make up, perfume, and lotions. Naturally they had us sampling the products. As a result I came in smelling like 3 different lotions, 4 perfumes and had a total new look then when I left. 
Amusing actually. I work tomorrow as well but I am working in the bra section. I am only hoping that I don't make a total disaster of it. I mean it looks way complicated. I was a few minutes early today and so they had me hop into the bra section and shadow the girl that was in there looks way confusing! But hey I guess that is what I am there for to learn! One day at a time doing one thing at a time until I finally get it. When that day comes I think I might have a heart attack. There is just so much to learn and so much to know how to do and such..... 

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  1. I understand after working at Penney's there is a lot more to fitting bra's than people think. Have fun with the job things will click as you go along.