Monday, April 13, 2009

Craziness of me!

Well I start work on Wednesday! I am really excited, a bit relieved to tell you the truth! I was starting to stress out, because they told me that I got the job but hadn't told me when I started. Stressful! 
Oh I hooked up Diana on a blind date! Ha ha. She tries to pretend she is indifferent but you can tell she is excited. She is doing well transitioning to the big city. She is getting alone with the other singles in our ward. Then again they all thought she was the older of the two of us and they didn't think we were sisters. Hum. I mean we saw one of my friends that had never meet Diana before and he could tell that we were sisters. I swear something is up with the singles in the ward, maybe they are all crazy. What do you think?
So for Easter we went to one of the singles' houses and they had a pot luck. It was nice to meet more people but it was awkward. I had forgotten how a lot of singles have clicks, I mean we all do people that you are comfortable around. It just makes new people feel awkward and out of place. That was totally me last night. We were both so tired after that we went to bed early... bad idea! We both woke up and couldn't get back to sleep until around midnight. Ahh the pain! Okay so not so much!
Today Diana continued the job hunt. I thought it would be nice to go running, why not right. Wow I am so soar! I over did it. But it was not just the run I also walked around the mall with Diana for quiet a bit and then Diana, my friend Jeff and I went on a hike. Between everything.... oh plus volleyball with the singles.... Not doing that every day!
The hike was beautiful though! I didn't think you could find a place that felt like you were in the mountains of Montana while only being a mile or so away from the city. It was nice.
Volleyball was great! Fun like always, not as bruised up as I was last week which is good. 

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