Thursday, July 30, 2009

Press showing of Julie and Julia

Well tonight I was able to get tickets for the press releasing of Julie and Julia. Diana was going to come with me but ended up working. (Sad day I know. She would have loved it.) So I dragged Kyle along with me. Not that he minded I mean it was spending time with me and the movie was about cooking. Two things Kyle loves! 
The movie was cute. Not really what I was expecting but then again I am not exactly sure what I was expecting. Who knows. I did laugh quite a bit which is always a good sign. They portrayed Julia Child as the proper lady in the 1940's and I think that is what made me laugh the most. I could imagine my grandmother doing many of the same things she did in the movie. I mean after all my Grandmother was a perfect Irish Lady. (With an added temper.) 
On the other side I was able to relate a little to the other leading character Julia. She can cook and finds it relaxing. I on the other hand burn water. How do I compair you might ask, well she has melt downs in the kitchen while cooking. Yes I have done that many times. Too many in fact. But even amide her melt downs she was able to learn to adapt to life, and not stress out. Maybe I need to take a lesson or two from her. What do you think?
I will be the first to admit that I stress out to easily, and that I over react way too much. Maybe if I could travel back in time and take a lesson on patience and endurance from my grandmother it might be a little better. But I must learn and press on. One day at a time and definitely nothing worth stressing out over. See what a good start I am already failing!

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  1. I can't wait to see the move. I am going to have to try and find a fried that I can take with me. Although Peter would probably go with me if I wanted to see it. It seems like a chick flick though. What do you think?