Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The proposal

Well since so many people have wanted the details of the proposal I have decided instead of sending off tons of emails that you are welcome to read this if you would like. Kyle is the most amazing man ever, I am so lucky. Well he was cooking me dinner like he does often. (he is an amazing cook! So talented!) 
Well while he was cooking I was plotting, I had wanted to heart attack his car for a few days but every day either he got there after I did or it was raining. So it didn't get done. But I told Kyle that I needed to run to the store for something. Well he first tried to convince me that I didn't need to go just then, and then told me I was not telling him the whole truth. i told him he was right but before he could convince me to stay I ran out to do my lovely deed! (I learned after the fact that I totally ruined his plan he was going to pretend he needed something from the store and send me out.)
Well when I got back he had set up Orange lillies (as close to tiger lillies as he could find, a glass of sparkling cider, a bear and he had even made a slide show of the two of us. (my mom had been emailing pictures of m to him.) It was so sweet and so beautiful. After the slide show was over he told me there was something special about the bear. I am a little slow and he had to tell me to squeeze his foot. I did and I hear "Mariah I love you, will you marry me?" 
Ok so I didn't think he was serious! I mean he has asked me times before I just didn't realize this was the real thing. Then I turn to him and he is pulling out a ring box. Then it hit it was for reals! of course i said yes! So happy!!!! Here is the bear sorry its side ways.

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