Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well it is official I have moved into the apartment Kyle and I will be living in. Oh my word what a hassle. Who knew moving ten minutes away was going to be so much work. My car has defiantly gotten a work out. Right now I still have things are both apartments. One day of moving apparently was not enough. I seriously wish I had just rented a trailer or something. Would have saved me so much time and I would have already been done. Well at least my bed is here..... and my clothes, though I forgot my towel. I do have a washer and dryer in the apartment so I am happy about that one. No more paying to do laundry. Happy day! Oh happy day! 
But the next couple of weeks are going to be kinda crazy, I'm finishing moving, then this weekend we are going down to Vegas to get kyle's stuff and our marriage licence. Then Kyle is moving in with his aunt till the wedding at the begging of the month. And then the count down really begins.

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