Thursday, October 1, 2009

So thanks to an older post of Nichole's I was able to come across a sight that listed 40 top things that technology has killed I wanted to list my favorite from that list....
1. Using Proper Grammar and Punctuation

Status: On life support

txting and iming has made proper grammar seems kinda old skoo, dont u thnk? heres hoping 4 capitalization & punctuation 2 make a comeback in emails & other writing. the gr8 gatsby probly wuld hv been way less gr8 if it wuz written like this. lol

Yeah this one is true and so sad! Once upon a time we lived in a world that was governed by how we speak. The other day a girl came in to work seriously speaking as if she were texting! "OMG! LOL! G2G!" No lies! I was ready to slap her!

2. Getting a Busy Signal

Status: Nearly deceased

Thanks to advances in voicemail and call-waiting technology, you rarely hear that annoying broken tone any more. Unless, of course, you're voting for American Idol or listening to Pink Floyd.

I remember as kid using the *66 when I really needed to talk to someone!

3. Paying for Long Distance

Status: Nearly deceased

Once upon a time, people had to pay expensive per-minute fees for long distance. Then, the big bad cell phone came along and blew those charges away like a straw house. The end.

With cell phones no one pays for long distance any more!

4. Waiting to Get Photos Developed

Status: Showing signs of illness

Though film-based cameras aren't completely gone, the advantages of digital snapshots --namely, that you can view a picture immediately after taking it and that you can discard bad shots at no cost--have certainly made traditional cameras far less common.

Digital cameras aren't they great?

and lastly 5. Removing the Perforated Leader Strips From Continuous-Feed Paper Printouts

Status: Nearly deceased

Born in the 1970s, the dot matrix printer delivered low-quality printouts for nearly two full decades before ink jet technology offered an alternative that was slightly less hard on the eyes. The dot matrix printer will be remembered for its frequent paper jams; for its slow, noisy operation; and for the thin strips of perforated paper that you had to tear (carefully, so you didn't end up with a document that looked as though a tiny but voracious shrew had been sampling it) off the left and right sides of a printout once their work of keeping the paper properly aligned in the printer was done.

I enjoyed doing that as a kid! I would make things out of them!

So I know its random but aren't we all. Thin about it though what do you miss most from your childhood? I miss the zebra gum, or watching tail spin, or just how laid back it was. What ever you miss why let it die?

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