Saturday, April 16, 2011

month of crazy

Well this last little while has been exiting to say the least. Well it all started with a trip to the doctors.... I thought I might be pregnant, lets set the record straight I am NOT! But back to my story I thought I might be I had all the symptoms, plus the lovely fact I was 3 weeks late on my cycle. But the funny thing is I would take the home pregnancy tests and they would all come up negative. So I went to the doctors he did a blood test which was also negative. But they found and elevated amounts of prolactin a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. When the doctor found this out he sent me off to the hospital to get a CAT scan. Oh this is my worst fear I am so closterphobic mostly in tight places. But if anyone thinks that being placed in a small tube where my elbows are constantly hitting the walls, having something on my face and the surrounding surface maybe 4 inches from my body is fun or therapeutic THINK AGAIN!
I went in thinking okay I am going to concur my fear, I can so this! Yeah not so great I get put on this slab and they start putting pillows around my face so I will not move my head and then this thing comes on my head. They try disguising this as anything other then a torture tactic by putting a warm blanket over you, but it doesn't work with me I know the truth! When I get in there I seriously start balling my eyes out. It is anything but fun and I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Soon as I am able to calm down the thing jolts me forward and backward and I start crying all over again. The whole time this sweet little voice is on the intercom "your doing great Mrs. Stewart!" Of course I am, I am stuck in a tiny tube with no escape what else do you expect me to do? I can't exactly run away! I guess because I wasn't screaming hysterically I was doing great!
Well then I got to see the doctor again, found out that I have a small growth on my pituitary gland (not cancerous) that is causing the elevated level of prolactin. He explained the side effects of not doing anything could be very harmful. It could cause diabetes, infertility, and if left long enough it could cause heart problems. Well I didn't want that. I have no desire to have heart problems or diabetes thank you very much and I want to be able to have kids. I remember when I was younger we had a school project to come up with a job for a job fair and my 7 year old self decided I would be a mom. Most of the students were telling me that wasn't a real job but my teacher loved it. (Helped that she had a son that was like 2.)
Anyways the doctor told me that there was something we could do... I get to take pills for the rest of my life.... well at least till I hit metapause. Not really overly excited about this but I do want to be able to have kids. Besides it helps get rid of the pregnancy symptoms. So I take this tiny little half a pill 2 times a week not too bad. I nearly had a heart attack when we went to pick up the pills though, it made me so glad that we have insurance! For 4 pills it was $117 insurance covered all but $37 made me so happy. But for 4 pills that is insane! I get to go back next month and get more blood drawn to make sure the pills are doing there job properly. And I did some research and apparently it helps if I get more zinc in my diet so I am trying that as well. We will see what happens. I am not too worried.
Kyle has been amazing during this whole thing telling me things are going to be okay even though I think he was a little nervous himself. But I am so glad I have him by my side he is my knight in shinning armor! I love him and would be lost with out him!

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