Friday, April 23, 2010

Dinner at home with Kyle

So tonight was entertaining. Here Kyle and I are eating dinner while watching Smallville, a knock on the door comes. I open the door and Senior missionaries are there asking for Kyle. Well the ward apparently gave them a list of people to go see and well Kyle was on there, they didn't even know about me. They figured that we were just dating, what would we be doing in a family ward if we were only dating??? Then they thought we not active (even though Kyle plays in sacrament every week and we go every week!) I don't get it! But then for some reason they thought I was a convert, hum not sure were that came from. But oh well. It was rather funny. Kyle and I are still laughing about it. On there way out they saw our picture of the temple, the prophet, Joseph praying in the grove, families are forever sign and picture of Christ and said "oh yes you pass." Oh my goodness!

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