Friday, April 9, 2010

So all the applications are starting to FINALLY pay off. I had a phone interview with Sprint this morning while I was getting ready for work. That was interesting. Getting dressed with a phone attached to me. Not that easy just to let you know. The I have been playing phone tag with another job offer, problem being they are just opening a new office here in Salt Lake and they are based out of the East coast. (Two hour difference makes things a little more difficult!) The problem is I am torn if offered a job at all of them which should I take? I just don't know I guess I will see when and if the time comes.
Today I was given the opportunity (hehe) to fill out a employee survey ha ha ha.... Yeah I enjoyed that one. It basically asked what we liked about working there, if we would suggest someone else work there, etc. But my favorite part I think was they asked how we thought our managers were doing there job. Um NOT! I finally had something that I could get my frustrations out with.

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