Monday, April 19, 2010


yesterday in church there was a high councler speaking about hero's he asked us who are your hero's. He told us a story about a missionary who had a low self esteem, he meet with the mission president on a weekly basis. Finally the mission president asked him who his hero's were. The missionary admitted he had none. He was then given a challenge to find someone to add to his list of possible candidates of hero hall a fame. The fallowing week in a meeting the missionary told the mission president that his new hero was Elder Talmage. The mission president was a little shocked that he would feel a connection to Elder Talmage. But over the fallowing weeks others were added to the hero hall of fame, a seminary teacher, a scout leader who was just doing his job, his father, and younger brother. Each of these had given him a huge influence that helped mold his life. Even though he had not realized it those around him had always been his hero's.
So I made a list of my own, my own personal hero's.
1. Jesus Christ
2. My father
3. Elder Holland

Who are your heros?

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  1. What no older sister? ;) I love you!
    Here are my top 3
    1) Jesus Christ
    2) Emma Hale Smith
    3) My sister-in-law, Debbie.