Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moments in time

So this week has been entertaining to say the least. I mean with my younger brother trying to control my life. He was trying to tell me that we had to get pregnant before he goes on his mission. Um NO! Even though I am seriously baby hungry we are still sticking to our plan and waiting at least a year and we are waiting till we have health insurance. My brother tried telling me that I didn't need health insurance until I told him that he can pay the doctors bills then. That changed his mind very quickly. LOL he just loves kids so much. As do I but everything in its time. I will just have to be patient.
Kyle's cousin Jake just had a baby and I got to hold it. It helped me not be so baby hungry though. I kept freaking out because she kept making a face like she was choking. I was afraid that she was suffocating. I was so scared. But luckily she was alright. She was so tiny though.
The other day was entertaining, I got off work and Kyle told me to come to the church house. Kyle locked his keys in the church while practicing. He was playing the piano in the Relief society room because someone was on the organ in the chapel. Well I got there and got the attention of the person playing. He acted like I was going to mug him, seriously? I am a weak girl and I was wearing a skirt. Like I was really going to beat him up? Not likely. But I got the keys that's all I know.
So I am changing birth control pills. I am sick of the constant nausea that has come with it. Its like morning sickness with out the pregnancy. It sucks! I am hoping that it also helps with my emotional roller coaster. We will see. I just started yesterday so we will see.
Kyle and I are becoming coupon people. Hey any way to save money, right?


  1. So I stalk your blog, there I said it.

    I enjoy reading it, seriously I remember the days of being a newlywed and that "baby hunger". So very glad we made a plan, stuck to it and waited to have kids! My first baby is almost five now, crazy how the time flew by. If your doctor didn't already recommend it to you, a lower estrogen birth control pill fends off the "morning sickness". Hope that gets better for you!

  2. p.s. Which one of you girls is Cynical Bookworm? There is no blog site that comes up.