Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekly catch up

Well this past week has been an emotional roller coaster I know what you are thinking... another one? But I promise that it is mostly out of stress. So this week at work I went from working 40 plus hours a week to 20! I was so upset I asked if I did anything wrong. Apparently it wasn't me it was them but yet I am still getting punished for it. They were not giving breaks like is required by law!!! There were days that I would work a 9 hour shift with out a break, got to love it. Someone reported them to the labor union and well now they are making sure that at exactly 5 hours you are going on break and if they don't have enough people to cover breaks you are only scheduled for a 4 1/2 hour shift..... got to love it. NOT!
Needless to say because of the lack of hours I have been forced to look for another part time job. I hate looking for a new job. I had a couple of places that seemed promising, but apparently I wanted to be payed to much. I think I am worth it. I have an interview later today (phone interview) with a telemarketing place that is just opening a new office here in Utah for an office manager position. I hope that goes well. I think it will. I may not have experience in telemarketing but I have YEARS of experience with managing people and with receptionist work, its the same thing but in reverse. Instead of them calling me I call them. Watch out I might call you and you better be nice to me!
Nichole and Peter were here for general conference. He was singing in the Priesthood session of conference (in the conference center.) I was so happy to see them. I love my sister and I don't get to see her often with her living back in Illinois and me here in Utah. I miss her already and she just left yesterday.
So Kyle and I are going to go look at a new apartment latter today. Our lease is up in June at the place we are now, and the price is going to go up.... lovely! So we GET to move. But we are hoping on finding a place that is a little bigger, we are running out of room because we have to much stuff. I think this apartment would be great for a newly wed couple that hadn't lived on there own before but since we both did we have a lot of stuff.
Today has been hard though because I feel so depressed and I don't even know why. I miss Kyle more then normal. It felt like when he left for work that part of me was leaving. I miss him so much, I just need one of his hugs right now. He has a way of making me feel better no matter what by simply giving me a hug. I don't think I can ever be mad at him for more then 5 minutes either. He really is my better 1/2. He brings light and joy into my life. He is the reason I get out of bed each morning, the reason I am so happy. He brings so much joy into my life. There is never a day that goes by that I don't laugh. He is definitely good for me!
This weeks weather has been a soar spot for me though, Thursday it was 65 F sunny and beautiful, then walla Friday hits and SNOW!!! It snowed all weekend long and well monday night we had a lovely blizzard and the power went out. It would of been fine except the power stayed off and I was home along! I was a little scared. I don't like being home alone at nights anyway. But here it was 10 pm Kyle was at school and I was trying to stay calm. Grr 1/2 hour later the power came back on. I was just a little scardy cat thats all.

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